A true story of Domestic Infidelity and Betrayal, unlike any other ever told, with salacious details recorded by wiretap.  It’s a story that could only occur prior to the advent of cell phone technology and, thus, hasn’t happened since and cannot occur again. 

  It’s a story of a loving father facing formidable legal odds to secure custody of his two small children, using wiretap technology.  He turns the tide in his favor in the case of a cheating wife and a manipulative gynecologist, a lifelong sexual predator with power and authority whose vile exploits have devastating effects on everyone in his sphere.

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A Doctor Ready to Ruin a Marriage…

Because this kind of behavior persists to this day in others who follow this same path, it is important to see how this unscrupulous professional operated and to understand how the tragedy that resulted from his conduct was possible. 

The Wiretap…

It’s a story of humility and perseverance triumphing over arrogance, status, and the powerful influence of sex addiction, while delivering lessons in conscience and consequences.  The account gained national acclaim for the legal precedent of the case which was unique in the annals of extramarital-affair litigation.  The explicit details of the story were concealed 45 years ago because of the detrimental impact they may have had on the two young children in the story at the time.

The Takedown…

 Today, however, these details are revealed in this newly released book for the importance of understanding how these things happen and for the advantage they provide in the defense of such behavior. The revelation of this story is eye-opening!  It exposes the realities of such behavior and the resultant devastating consequences of such contemptible conduct as the doctor’s in this story. 

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